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Ginger Bill
2 years, 7 months ago
Odin is extremely far along and pretty much nearing a conclusion as a language. However, there is still a lot to do!

The following list has not yet to been finalized:

  • Extend Foreign System
    • Support Assembly
    • Support C-Header file generation for Odin libraries
    • Support for Automatic DLL Loading

  • Custom Back End
    • To replace LLVM as the default backend (but also support LLVM too)
    • AMD64 and x86-32 support initially
    • Debugging Symbols (PDB/DWARF Generation)

  • Designing and Implementation of the Core Packages
    • Compression
    • CLI Tools
    • Mathematics and Statistics
    • Containers
    • Custom Allocators
    • OS
    • Image Reading/Writing
    • String Utilities
    • Unicode Lookups
    • Basic Networking

  • Testing Utilities
    • Compiler/Core ...
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Ginger Bill
2 years, 10 months ago
Original Comments:

There will never be software exceptions in the traditional sense. I hate the entire philosophy behind the concept.

Go does have exceptions with the defer, panic, recover approach. They are weird on purpose. Odin could have something similar for exceptional cases.

You can the exact same semantics as a try except block by using a switch in statement. The same is true in Go. The difference is that the stack does not need to be unwinded and it's structural control flow.

Odin has discriminated unions, enums, bit sets, distinct type definitions, any type, and more. Odin ... Read More →

Ginger Bill
3 years, 4 months ago
n.b. This is a philosophical article and not a technical article. There are no correct answers to the questions that I will pose -- only compromises.

I'm considering what the "best" declaration syntax would be. Historically, there have been two categories: which I will call qualifier-focused and type-focused.
An example of qualifier-focused would be the Pascal family. An example of type-focused would be the C family. Odin, like Jai, have been experimenting with an name-focused declaration syntax. These categories place emphasis on different aspects of the declarations.

  • Qualifier-focused places emphasis on the kind/qualifier of declaration (`var x = 123; ...
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Ginger Bill
3 years, 8 months ago
Hello everyone!

Odin is been through many changes and improvements lately, many of which I have not announced at all.

Below is an overview of the new upcoming features in the next release of Odin:

  • Decent import system
    - `import`, `using import`, `export`
    - Library Collections
  • Foreign library system
    - `foreign`, `foreign export`, `foreign import`
  • File scope `when` statements
  • Attributes
  • Syntax updates
    - `switch`
    - `inline proc "c" (x: string) {}`
  • Array Programming
  • `uintptr`
  • Polymorphic value parameters
    - `[$N]$T`

Import System

For v0.7, the main feature I have been working on is the import system. I wanted a system that ... Read More →

Ginger Bill
4 years, 1 month ago
I've just started a Patreon page for Odin to aid with development (and beer money).

Odin will still remain free and open for everyone so please don't feel forced to donate if you don't want to.

Thank you very much for everyone's support so far and let's make Odin great for everyone! Read More →

Ginger Bill
4 years, 4 months ago
For the past few months, Odin has been using LLVM as its backend (with Microsoft's Linker) to compile to machine code (and before that I compiled to C). It has done its job whilst the language has grown to what it is now.

As a continuing project for Odin, we are going to create a new backend. The backend will use a form of Static Single Assignment (SSA) to do the majority of its optimizations, which can be lowered to a generic byte code. From this generic byte code, it can be further specialized to the needed machine architecture (e.g. ... Read More →

Ginger Bill
4 years, 7 months ago
Below is a copy of a discord "conversion" between (mostly) me and ezysigh about problems with compile time execution and maybe a partial solution to the problem. This is recorded here for future reference.
n.b. It includes all my amazing typos, grammatical errors, and swearing.

[10:30 PM] ezysigh: Have you added meta/compiletime stuff yet?
[10:30 PM] gingerBill: Not yet as I'm still designing it.
[10:30 PM] gingerBill: I usually design the feature first then implement it.
[10:31 PM] ezysigh: (sorry, i didn't looka the videos... I kind of burned out of trying to parse everyones 1hr video presentations)
[10:32 PM] ... Read More →

Ginger Bill
4 years, 8 months ago
Designing this language has been difficult but fun. Two of the original goals of this language were simplicity and metaprogramming however, these together could be an oxymoron. But before I explain why, I first need to explain what I mean by "metaprogramming".

Metaprogramming is an "art" of writing programs to treats other programs as their data. This means that a program could generate, read, analyse, and transform code or even itself to achieve a certain solution. The approaches of metaprogramming can be split into a few distinct categories:

  • Introspection (and Reflection for OOP languages)
  • Compile Time Execution (CTE)
  • Template Programming ...
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Ginger Bill
4 years, 8 months ago
[Odin v0.0.3c](

What's New

  • Rewritten in C99 (from C++)
  • `nil` - Zero value for all types, except:
    • integers
    • floats
    • strings
    • booleans
  • Maybe types (nillable types)
    • `m: ?int; ...; i, ok := m?;`
  • `match type` for `any`
  • `union_cast`
    • `x, ok := var union_cast Foo.Bar`
  • Backend and stability improvements

Bug fixes
  • `#import "..." as .` will not act like `#load` and keep imported entities local to that file
  • Initialize global memory at compile time if possible

  • Fix enums with duplicate entries crash
  • Remove some duplicate error messages

Linux and OSX

Coming Soon™

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Ginger Bill
4 years, 8 months ago
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