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Odin Goals for 2019

Ginger Bill
Odin is extremely far along and pretty much nearing a conclusion as a language. However, there is still a lot to do!

The following list has not yet to been finalized:

  • Extend Foreign System
    • Support Assembly
    • Support C-Header file generation for Odin libraries
    • Support for Automatic DLL Loading

  • Custom Back End
    • To replace LLVM as the default backend (but also support LLVM too)
    • AMD64 and x86-32 support initially
    • Debugging Symbols (PDB/DWARF Generation)

  • Designing and Implementation of the Core Packages
    • Compression
    • CLI Tools
    • Mathematics and Statistics
    • Containers
    • Custom Allocators
    • OS
    • Image Reading/Writing
    • String Utilities
    • Unicode Lookups
    • Basic Networking

  • Testing Utilities
    • Compiler/Core Packages
    • User Code
    • Improved Vetting Utilities

  • Documentation
  • Tutorials
  • Finalize Syntax

Contributions to the language are always welcome! There is a lot to work to do and

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

- Bill
You missed the goal; 'World Domination'