Odin v0.0.3c

Ginger Bill
4 years, 8 months ago
[Odin v0.0.3c](

What's New

  • Rewritten in C99 (from C++)
  • `nil` - Zero value for all types, except:
    • integers
    • floats
    • strings
    • booleans
  • Maybe types (nillable types)
    • `m: ?int; ...; i, ok := m?;`
  • `match type` for `any`
  • `union_cast`
    • `x, ok := var union_cast Foo.Bar`
  • Backend and stability improvements

Bug fixes
  • `#import "..." as .` will not act like `#load` and keep imported entities local to that file
  • Initialize global memory at compile time if possible

  • Fix enums with duplicate entries crash
  • Remove some duplicate error messages

Linux and OSX

Coming Soon™

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